Broken heart Tattoo on chest
In Boys and Girls Chest is an suitable and ideal place to apply a tattoo design. Chest Tattoo Designs for men and women are very popular all over the world. The men tattoo enthusiasts like them because they make their pectoral bigger and more interesting. Tattoos on the chest of men adds a certain kind of sex appeal and off course men love it for this reason. On the other hand, Women express their femininity and sexual side with the help of chest tattoo designs.
Wings tattoo design on chest for girls
Heart Tattoo Design is one of the popular and favorite tattoo design among boys and girls. It is selected for chest tattoo design mostly. But everyone choose the heart tattoo design by its on mood and choice which can be different from one another including, bleeding heart tattoo design, sacred heart tattoo design, pierced heart tattoo design, and the stitched heart tattoo design. The main reason of choosing a heat tattoo design on chest is that it is the nearest place to the heart as the tattoo design is place right above the actual location of heart. With the chosen design of tattoo each tattoo express its different meaning.

Other popular chest tattoo designs for women:
Flowers tattoos and vines tattoos
Stars tattoos and suns tattoos
Fairies tattoos and angels tattoos
Butterflies tattoos and dragonfly tattoos
Lettering designs and script designs
Flowers and vines tattoo design on chest
Flowers and birds tattoo design on chest
Flowers and Birds Tattoo Design on chest
Skull Tattoo Design and Text on chest

Flowers and vines Tattoo Design on Chest
Fairy Tattoo Design and Wings Tattoo Design on Chest
Stars Tattoo Design on Chest
Angel and Wings Tattoo Design on Chest
Skull Tattoo Design on Chest



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