Many girls are having tattoos on their arms and wrist. The main difference  of the tattoos designs on the arms between boys and girls are the selected design and picture. Boys have a limited choice of tattoo designs on their arms but the girls have a huge choice of selecting tattoos from different designs like fairy tattoos, dragon tattoos, abstract tattoos butterfly tattoos skull tattoos, etc.

Boys like to apply limited picture or design on their arms but girls have many ideas of picture and designs of tattoos to make their arms more attractive. The reason that the boys have limited choice of designs is because they mostly like to apply masculinity designs but they also apply cartoon characters such as minnie mouse and other female cartoon character designs. Girls also like to choose masculinity designs for their arms.

Gender also influences the choice of tattoo design. Among girls the common design is the colorful flower tattoo designs on their arms. Girls can also apply those tattoo designs which cover their whole arms or the wrists only.

Girls also apply those tattoo designs which cover their arms little bit more down to their elbows. Girls can apply tattoos from a number of choices that can also be an image of celebrity face of their favorite celebrity.

Moreover, Girls can also choose image of their loved ones to be applied on their arms in the form of tattoos like their friend, husband, father, mother, etc. or they can also choose a suitable text line or lines to express feelings or anything else with the help of tattoos.

When choosing tattoo designs for yourself you must be careful before applying it to your arm because for most of the girls arms are visible to others so don't choose wrong designs for your arms.



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