It was nearly six years of getting veronica mars off the air, It is becoming live once again. After a long time of deciding on-again and off-again creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have taken the matter into their own hands with mutual decision. The veronica mars project will be funded by fans by Kickstarter.


Rumors started circulating immediately as Thomas talked about the possibility for a couple of years before financial realities set in. Thomas the creator said at the Television Critics Association Press Tourin 2010, "I would write it if anyone would finance it, If anyone is interested in making that movie I am available, Kristen is available. I would love to do it."

Veronica Mars was a show about the daughter of a private investigator who follows in her father’s footsteps at high school and later at college. Veronica Mars was Funny and Very Interesting show and it was not the best fit for the UPN and CW networks that aired the show, and after three years with low-ratings these networks off aired the show.


Fans of Veronica Mars are willing to finance it. Veronica Mars campaign has broken the mark of $100,000 in less than 12 hours since the Kickstarter campaign was launched for the finance and funding of Veronica Mars. $2 million is asked by the campaign before April 12 to make the movie reality.

Warner Bros. has set up a production account in which the raised fund will go. Warner Bros. owns the cocept and will distribute the movie if it gets made in reality, it will also fund marketing and release costs for the Veronica Mars according to commitment. Currently it is planed to start production of Veronica Mars over the summer, Bell, and some other actors are committed to other projects, the final production will be theatrically released in for limited time and after it it will be moved into digital distribution and Blu-ray release. Kickstarter Funders will be able to get digital copies of Veronica Mars early to time if they fund at certain levels.


So is the movie is really going to be made? That is the question in everyone's mind, but the early signs are certainly promising to say yes. The success of the campaign for fund raising for the movie and the make of movie in reality will open up a whole new avenue for these cult shows and movies to get a new life and to take their place again on the big screens.



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