Girls like tattoos a lot, but when it comes to choose a design, the answer may not be as simple as it seems. The tattoos for girls may be feminine, attractive, but tastes are extremely different from one girl to the other.

Tattoos may not seem such a great idea and suitable when you have to deal with a stricter work environment. Unless you want your boss to stare at your new tattoo, you must think about hiding it or making it in a less visible place. 

Japanese tattoos, also called Irezumi, include designs such as koi fish and large dragons. Girls prefer them on the back or the arms, and some even on their hips. 

Some girls love to decorate their chest, abdomen, neck, back and legs with tattoos, musical instruments, like nautical starts, or classic cars, or pin-ups.



  1. tattoos on woman can be very tasteful and sexy when in the right place and the right design.