Nail art designs and ideas are very important in style as well as beauty because they attract a large number of attention towards the hands. Hands might not be considered by many girls as very important when it comes to beauty, but they actually have a very important effect. The best nail art designs and ideas for 2012 here at glamour talkz  enhance the beauty of your hands which suits your personality.

The designs can be difficult or very simple to make, it depends on the selection of design, that's why if you are not to skilled in making nail art by your own you need help of a professional and trained nail art designer. The possibilities are very wide now so there is nothing that you can't do with the nail art designs. Rhinestones, crushed colored seashells, colored nail polishes, acrylic paint, glitter dust, acrylic details, nail art stickers, these are the main nail art and design products which help you to have a wide range of designs on your nails.

Animal print nail art designs are really fun and hot this 2012 season because these prints are having high demand this year in fashion for glamour. Creating these fun nail art design is very simple and easy, you only need the right way and two contrasting color nail polishes and a top coat. 

You can also create crackle nail art designs, these are created with the help of a shattering nail polish that provide a similar leopardish effect without all the fuss and mesh up. 

Flower Nail Art designs are extremely stylish, unique and perfect for all ages among women. 

There is a huge variety of flower type nail art designs which inspires yourself which always turn you towards a new, unique and stylish design.

You can use special nail art brushes which help you to create the lovely and finest floral designs. Using your favorite colors bring out the details of the nail art design. 

Hello Kitty nail art design is also a fun which change the look of your nails and there is a variety of hello kitty nail art designs available for your choice. 

Pink color is the base color and the rest of the Hello Kitty inspired details can be created using acrylics, painted on or applied on using nail stickers. 

Hello Kitty nail art designs are cute, unique and perfect for tweens and teens. 

With gel/acrylic nails there are dried flowers for girls which create a more natural, realistic look, and help you to get a perfect nail art design without too much effort. 

Floral nail art designs can paired with glitter, rhinestones and other nail art product for a more sophisticated, glam look.