What a difference perfectly polished nails make! Use these colorful and fun nail art ideas 2012 to inject artsy patterns and prints into your new look. 
In order to avoid monotony it is wise to experiment with unexpected and inspiring nail art designs. Are you a manicure nut? This is the year when you can improve your painting skills and start your aspiring manicurist career. Watch out for these colorful and fun nail art ideas 2012 provided by the loveliest beauty blog named Nail Art By Kayla Shevonne. Group nail trends by complexity and start with the ones that suit your nail painting skills. After you've mastered several of the professional tricks, take your beauty regime to the next level so you can rock more complicated and fashion-forward nail designs.

Explore the advantages of a remarkable makeover by tinting you nails with the loveliest shades. The latest nail polish collections offer you the chance to add a splash of color to your appearance. Whether you're lured by the breath-taking effect of bright shades or you would like to take the transition from boring to fascinating step by step with the help of candy hues and chic neutrals, the point is to strip off all your confidence issues and get creative. Go ahead, decorate your nails with animal prints, stripes and other abstract patterns. Consider your mood and personality and choose your fave nail trend according to the impression you want to create.

This season pull off showstopping manicure designs with the help of these inspiring beauty examples. Prepare your nails with deep conditioning treatments and guarantee the perfect canvas for your artsy project. Stickers, beads and other details will add extra oomph to your mani. Master the art of using different nail painting techniques. Combine different shades to see their effect on your super-short or acrylic nails.



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